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pro and contra computers

... [read on >>]
By: Lutholwethu Ntshebe
Started: February 20th 2017 11:36
Last Update: December 11th 2017 11:27


Health project topic suggestions

tasks for today (24/05)choose your topicresearch about your topicanswer the questions down belowif you're done already: start writing a structure... [read on >>]
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By: Chiara Brendel, Sinazo Matiwane, Sinazo Dembese, Sinazo Dembese, Silive Khahlana, Asemahle Tuse, Asisipho Dingani, Anelisiwe Thambo, Patience Poswa, Busisiwe Duruwe, Xabisa Ntsonkotha, Siphosethu Tokwe and 8 others.
Started: May 9th 2017 09:19
Last Update: December 8th 2017 06:39


CM Vellem Music Project 2017

Please ask to join the project, then add your lyrics in seperate sections.... [read on >>]
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By: Chiara Brendel, Nomathamsanqa Jelu, Sisipho Libi, Sinazo Matiwane, Asisipho Dingani, Silive Khahlana, Siphosethu Tokwe, Siyathemba Mntumni, Pamela Poswa, Anelisiwe Thambo, Asemahle Tuse, Sinomtha Mthwa and 3 others.
Started: August 15th 2017 10:51
Last Update: August 15th 2017 10:53


Interactive Online Learning Resources

Look for an eLearning platform that you think could be used in a lesson for your subject. What do you like about the platform you found? Is there anything about it that might be problematic during a lesson? CAPS aligned learner support materials (including instructional videos) htt... [read on >>]
By: Lukas Hueneke, Teacher 1, Teacher 10, Teacher 11, Teacher 12, Teacher 2, Teacher 3, Teacher 5, Teacher 6, Teacher 7, Teacher 4, Teacher 8 and 1 others.
Started: May 26th 2017 10:07
Last Update: May 26th 2017 10:28

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How to write an article

1. Choose a topic Brainstorm your topic. Make a list of potential topics. You might want to write about immigration or organic food or your local animal shelter. In order to write a coherent yet concise article, you need to narrow the topic. This will give you something more specific to write about, which will make for a more forceful article. Ask yourself these questions: What i... [read on >>]
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By: Chiara Brendel
Started: March 8th 2017 12:20
Last Update: March 15th 2017 01:51


Peace Day Project

This year, we are back with our annual Peace Day Project! Throughout the term, we will cooperate with Rhodes University's Department for Music and Musicology and the Sonic Art Music to give our learners the best possible opportunities to write their own lyrics, record their own songs and to come up with a great performance.So far, five schools are involved, namely Ntaba Maria, Archie Mbolekwa... [read on >>]
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By: Larissa Willy, Lukas Hueneke, Chiara Brendel, Royi Thawaxolo, Sompani Lisakhanya, Landu Xoliseka, Asanda Candani, Zenande Thembani, Kulati Lulutho, Kjetil Torp, Mcvay Boko, Corinne Cooper and 12 others.
Started: July 28th 2016 02:10
Last Update: March 1st 2017 01:17

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Grocott's Articles

Each month awarenet users in Grahamstown schools will create an article for local newspaper Grocott's Mail. The drafts of the articles and suggestions, tips and criticism to articles will all be posted on this project site.... [read on >>]
By: Kjetil Torp, Sinesipho Goduka, Sinesipho Soxujwa, Simnikiwe Mooi, Andiswa Ntete, Sinesipho Soxujwa, Sinesipho Goduka
Started: February 6th 2017 12:49
Last Update: February 6th 2017 12:52
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